Chanda L. Former Industry, Orthodontic Assistant | Flooring Sales Synergy Financial Partners has brought a new hope to my family. After great loss from the past housing market drop, I realized it was time to make some changes. After looking at Synergy, it was a "no brainer'. It is a career that allows flexibility in hours and unlimited income. It brings the hope of peace of mind from financial stress that many families are experiencing. As a mom, I never miss any activity with my child or family.

SFP has allowed me the experience to make a career change without the need for college and tuition. Synergy has the vehicle and the best opportunity for becoming your own business owner. I have grown personally and professionally. No better leaders can be found that those at Synergy. They challenge me to grow at all levels. They coach me and are patient. We truly all work as a team. I am able to make a difference and leave behind a legacy for my family as well as others locally and nationally. Thanks to all at Synergy and CEO, Jeff Huggins for living the dream and teaching me to as well!

Greg C. Former Industry, Enterprise Sales & Marketing I have worked for over twenty years at multiple Fortune 100 firms serving in corporate sales and marketing. To date however, SFP is the only organization that makes the most use of my skill set. Because of the mission, system and leadership at SFP, I am able to focus on the client while bringing together the world's best set of financial solutions. This is the first time in my career that I have had the opportunity to market services that truly serve the intended market in a profound way.

Pilar T. Former Industry, Financial Services I have been in the Financial Services Industry since 2005. I have been involved with several different companies but nothing has compared to Synergy Financial Partners. SFP is a company that truly cares about its associates and clients. This is the first company that I have been involved with that truly has a family culture. Everyone in this company cares about helping others and putting others first. This is truly a movement to create financial literacy in America and to help families become financially solvent.

The CEO, Jeff Huggins is a down to earth person who has a passion for helping others, whether it’s a sales associate or a client, he’s always willing to help. He’s all about helping others succeed. He challenges the sales force and is an example to all of us because he is a do it first leader. He never asks the sales force to do anything that does not already do himself. He has no problem going in the field with the sales force to help them succeed.

The corporate staff is just as friendly and helpful as the CEO. It’s really true that the staff is a reflection of the head of the company.

Anyone who wants to build a business in financial services owes it to themselves and their families to align themselves with Synergy Financial Partners. After having been with several financial services companies this is the only company where I feel that I can truly succeed and make a financial impact, not only for my families but other families in America. Join our team, you will be glad you did.

Tyler C. Former Industry, Financial Services I’ve worked in the insurance industry for fourteen years.  I have been an independent sales rep, a middle manager, and in upper management for most of my career.  Six months ago, the CEO of SFP called when I was having one of those moments where you question everything.  I had not really seen my family for the past eight months due to the corporate position I held and the time required to fulfill that position.  I was questioning whether or not it was worth it anymore.  I took a position that I believed was going to be a major step up the corporate ladder to discover that it was nothing like I hoped for.After much discussion and thought I decided it would be worthwhile to fly to Georgia and visit the corporate headquarters and make a choice.  I have to admit I was a bit skeptical as I have heard lots of promises in the past.  The meeting I attended was great, I liked the people there and the product seemed great too.  I still had questions though. I was given the chance to speak one on one with a senior executive. We talked for about forty five minutes and every question that I could come up with he answered to my satisfaction immediately.  Never once did he say “Oh let me get back to you on that one.”  He answered everything.  By the time my trip was over, I had come to a decision. That decision put me in the position of opening the first office on the West Coast. Synergy Financial Partners is the place to be.  You can work as an independent sales rep, or you can recruit and build a large team to manage. You can work part-time or full-time and actually choose whatever works best for you and your family.  This is the place!  Where else can you go into business and create a six figure income within your first full year?   Here you truly get paid what your worth.

Jamie D. Former Industry, Manufacturing SFP has enabled me to be in business with people of extraordinary talent and dedication. With the people I am surrounded by, I can feed off of and learn from and get better every day. SFP has given me the freedom to explore my innermost self and compete with the best. Be with my family and children when I want with whom I want to and money and feel GOOD about the tremendous job we do for our clients. This company has given me the ability to feel good about Jamie Davis, so I can make this place a little bit better before I leave it. Thank you SFP!

Lou P. Former Industry, Corporate Retail Sales Synergy Financial Partners is an organization that has truly been a Godsend to me. In my personal life, integrity and character are paramount to me and it is an absolute necessity that those traits transcend into my business life as well. Synergy has provided me with the ability to educate people and empower them with knowledge that the financial services industry has kept secret for years. Being able to expose these misconceptions and share information that is rarely known, and perhaps save the very financial lives of these people is not only refreshing but extremely gratifying. Synergy also allows me to change people’s lives by offering them an opportunity to do what I do and potentially save them from a job or career that is not fulfilling, and in some cases even dreaded. What I believe makes this company the perfect place to start a career is that “doing the right thing” is lucrative enough from an income standpoint to make me a great provider and allow for the flexibility to enjoy time with my family as well. I’m so grateful to be here and I know I have found my home.

Todd W. Former Industry, Real Estate Executive I have experienced first-hand what it takes to build a sizable company through my experiences as a C level executive. When I first learned about the products, the system, the market timing and the leadership team at SFP, I had absolutely no doubts that this will be a company that makes history. I have had the good fortune of being involved with some great people and companies over the course of my career, but SFP is the absolute best company I have ever experienced. I was looking for an opportunity where I could truly make a difference in people's lives and be rewarded financially for my efforts as well. There is nothing more rewarding than helping families protect and secure their financial future, and to coach and mentor associates who are achieving their full potential. They say that the more you give, the more you get. This company and my team of advisors exemplifies that philosophy. We have an incredible training program that is second to none. We have leaders and trainers who know the lasting results of giving their time and knowledge to associates old and new. There is no better feeling to watch teammates grow, work hard, and achieve their dreams and goals. My love and passion for making a difference in someone’s life is why I chose SFP.

Curtis B. Former Industry, Financial Services Why I choose SFP. In a couple of words Trust and Belief. I have known Jeff, the founder and CEO since 1989. When I saw what Jeff was building, I knew he was onto something big. I felt so strongly about SFP and where this company was going, I picked up and moved to the headquarters in Atlanta over 2 years ago. In these 2 years we have been able to help so many families begin to see their dreams and goals come true. So I challenge you to trust and believe in SFP and your dreams.

Ted S. Former Industry, Marketing & Finance The heart of Synergy Financial Partners is revealed in the people that make up this great company. These are noble people earnestly working to provide financial literacy to the middle class on what will be a grand scale. And the “Secret Sauce” is the Synergy format system! Properly run, it lets you do business at “the speed of trust”. Being someone who has been around the block several times, I can honestly say I feel blessed to be a part of this grand venture. We act as though comfort and luxury were the main ingredients in life, when all we really need is something to get enthusiastic about. Here’s the best reason you’ve had in a long time to get fired up!

Rick C. Former Industry, Financial Services I have always felt the need to help other people and that I wanted to dedicate my life to making a difference in the lives of others. Working in Corporate America for so many years to try and meet the ever growing financial obligations, I found myself working hard at doing things I didn’t enjoy, with other people I had built good relationships with but they were doing the same...waiting for Friday. I kept thinking that I didn’t want to look back on my life as a life spent on trivial matters, helping no one but myself. At Synergy Financial Partners, I found myself working with like-minded individuals in a good cause which makes a true difference in people’s lives. There’s no better place to put in my life’s work. SFP has given me the opportunity to become better than I ever imagined I could be. Rick Crowley

Thomas A. Former Industry, Construction & Enterprenuer As an entrepreneur, I have always kept an open mind to new opportunities. SFP was presented to me through a trusted friend hoping to help my family position ourselves for a secure financial future through life and into retirement. As I evaluated the products, I found them to be innovative and comprehensive. The security they provide is unmatched by any "financial plan" I've ever been introduced to in my life. Through my evaluation process, I saw the business opportunity as probably the best product offered. The scalable system proved to be the perfect match for the criteria I was looking for in a business venture. More importantly, the people involved with SFP are focused on the mission of "changing the way Americans plan for their financial future" through a unified approach with full support geared toward the success of every team member. SFP is a life changing opportunity for those who are willing to put in the effort to make a difference in people's lives. It has certainly changed my life for the better.

Kevin J. Former Industry, Automotive For the last 23 years my background has always been in management, and sales. I have held positions as Group Marketing Manager, Project Manager, National Direct Marketing Manager, and General Sales Manager. I have been very successful and happy in my career but I have also experienced the hardships of unemployment. I was let go from my last company and experienced what many in our country are facing, the harsh reality of trying to find another job. Time after time I would make it through the interview process only to be disappointed that they hired someone else. It had been over a year and the frustration and the frustration set in, my self-esteem, pride and dignity along with my relationship with my family. It was then when most hope was gone that I was exposed to SFP. During my first interview, I was impressed with the philosophy and vision. I could not figure out why I have never heard about these products that can literally change your financial future. After starting my new career, I was introduced to some of the key leaders and everyone was polite, professional and to my surprise, excited. I knew this company was for me and where I belonged.

Synergy gives everyone a unique opportunity to be the best you can be. They have a fantastic leader in Jeff Huggins, an excellent mentor-ship program, revolutionary financial strategies, professional business support and access to some of the best marketing materials I have seen. What sets SFP apart from other companies is the way you are treated like family. Everyone from executive down is willing to give their time to answer your questions, assist in your training and aid with your business development. I feel like I belong to something special because I am not only assisting families with their future, I’m also helping myself become better in all avenues of my life.

I am learning that we are all capable of transforming our thoughts and attitudes if you take the time and have the will to succeed. I have always set goals for myself but I have realized that I never learned how to set them correctly and then how to focus your mind on attaining them. Used correctly goals enable you to stretch your vision allowing you the opportunity to attain success. I recently read that success can be best described as “A continuous journey towards the achievement of predetermined worthwhile goals.” SFP has taught me that you need to start visualizing your goals in your mind, see them as being real and they will become reality. We all must remember that to be our best we must be determined to put in the effort, to make sacrifices and get off the ground when you have been knocked down. Nothing is easy in life when you want to be successful. . You decide your future and I am glad that I have found a company that provides the system and leadership to make your dreams come true.

Rick M. Former Industry, Healthcare I have been in the financial services field since 1996. One thing that I have learned is that you must always strive to be better every single day. If you show up and continue to learn and grow, you can be successful. If you can follow a step by step system and learn from the exceptional training program and your trainers, the sky will be the limit. I have found just that with Synergy Financial Partners.

Don R. Former Industry, Information Technology I came to Synergy with a background in Military Operations, IT Systems, and Sales. From the start, Synergy was different than other companies that I have worked with in the past. Synergy allows you to focus on the strengths and skills that you excel at and gives you the ability to leverage the efforts of others. I find the team environment to be very helpful when creating the best strategy for the client, and you won't find a better training system. We have the best products for our clients and the best leaders in the industry. Bottom line; working with Synergy is a very rewarding career. Every dollar that I make is because I have put another family in a better financial position. I love what I do. How many people can say that?