SFP Young Entrepreneur System (YES) Internship Program

Are you a sharp, enthusiastic, and ambitious young man or woman looking for real world business experience and the opportunity to earn some serious income?  Would you like to work in one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world?... one that pays out over $50 Billion in commissions each year? If so, the Synergy Financial Partners “Young Entrepreneur System” (YES) could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Synergy Financial Partners (SFP) is an independent financial services marketing company dedicated to changing the way Americans plan for the future. SFP is leading the revolution in taking the financial principles that in the past have only been reserved for the wealthy, to Middle American families on a grand scale.

SFP’s purpose is to inspire individuals, families, and businesses to seek the well-being and security that comes from being financially prepared and able to survive life’s challenges and emergencies, thereby offering them true peace of mind and the chance to live their life to its greatest potential. 

What is the SFP Young Entrepreneur System (YES) Internship Program? 
The Young Entrepreneur System is not for everyone. It is designed for students and college graduates who desire growth, challenge, and exceptional income opportunities. As with other forms of entrepreneurship, there is no shortage of hours required to be successful and no guaranteed set income. It’s not easy, but true success comes in the form of experience, personal growth and unparalleled financial rewards.

How much money can I make? 
The amount of money you make depends directly on your own personal level of activity and how well you apply the provided training. The money does not come easy – the most successful interns work 8-10 hours a day, five-six days a week. 

The average profit for first year participants can range between $4500-$25,000 for the students who complete the summer program. This amount will vary based on the amount of effort, volume of sales and account sizes.

Where will I work during the summer? 
Decisions regarding sales locality for each student are finalized in late spring. Students will have the ability to work in their own hometown, or, if they have housing, they can work in a market outside their home. Many times working in new areas allows participants to face fewer distractions and take their work more seriously. Relocation is also viewed very favorably on a young professional's resume/CV as it demonstrates maturity and independence. 

How could the YES program benefit me? 
The SFP Young Entrepreneur System is set up to not only teach students how to market, but also focuses on the importance of schedule and structure, success principles, ethics, motivation, dedication, confidence, positive affirmation, and many other traits to help build character that lasts a lifetime. All of the above, plus communications skills and the cycle of selling, are covered in the YES School Training the student attends before setting foot in a prospects actual home or business. Every effort is made to prepare the student mentally, emotionally, and physically for what may be the most challenging and rewarding work they have attempted to date. 

What are the daily or weekly hours? 
The most successful students in the program will allocate 10-20 hours per week marketing wealth workshops that will be conducted virtually.  There will be a weekly huddle call on Monday mornings at 10 A.M EST. to keep program participants informed, recognized for achievement, and motivated.  One manager will be assigned to teams of approximately 10 students.  The area manager will be available for help with client presentations and will always be available via phone, text, and email.

How do I get started?
Contact the person who told you about the SFP Young Entrepreneur System (YES) Internship Program for all the information on getting started on the path to success today!

Don’t settle for the “norm” of traditional internship programs with long hours and low pay. Let the SFP YES program be your ticket to a bright and prosperous future!