Client Services

Building a successful financial plan to secure your family’s dreams is one of the most important things you will ever do in your lifetime. Synergy Financial Partners (SFP) is dedicated to changing the way Americans plan for the future. SFP's progressive approach focuses on determining a family’s needs and goals first, and then recommending the concepts and products to help make their dreams a reality.

SFP is aligned with some of the most powerful product companies in the industry today. This gives our Associates a world-class portfolio of products to choose to build a personalized plan suited to meet the needs of each individual family.

Our philosophy is based around six keys to having your financial house in order

1. Ensure Proper Protection

  • In the event of death, or critical or chronic illness

2. Emergency Fund

  • 3-6 months income set aside

3. Save for Retirement

  • Safe Money Strategies to maximize retirement, minimize risk with the most tax advantages

4. Eliminate Debt

  • Pay off credit cards and eliminate installment debt

5. Increase Cash Flow

  • Start a part time business to build an additional income stream for your family

6. Estate Preservation

  • Reduce taxation & getting your legal documents in order